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Implementation is where project specific work begins and the excitement builds. It’s like taking a road trip.  

After you’ve determined your destination and stops along the way, confirmed your fellow travelers and what they want to do, consulted road reports and maps, packed your bags and filled up with gas, it’s time to start the engine.  With the car now loaded, it’s time to put it in drive!

Some tips on tracking your progress

  • Keeping track of your story as it unfolds will be invalu­able for future project proposals, especially funding applications, and for sharing your successes and challenges with other communities. If you’re claiming a successful result or outcome, remember to back up your statements with data.
  • Assessing your initiative throughout provides the opportunity to analyze and report on your progress.
  • Surveys, interviews, focus groups, conversations, observational data collection, tracking attendance at meetings and events, keeping ‘count’ of information requests, etc. and polling are some ways of evaluating your initiative.
  • Regular evaluation allows your group to identify what is working and what might need adjustment.


  • Measure-Up

    Examples, tools, and resources to help your measure and describe your program’s impact without having to be an economist

  • Community Action Plan

    A downloadable template to help you plan your work in greater detail

  • Evaluation Capacity Network

    Evaluation resources, links, blogs and more with a focus on early childhood development