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Bawlf - Healthy Action Project

The following video was produced by the local high school students to highlight the Bawlf Healthy Action Project.

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In Bawlf, Alberta, Community groups came together in 2016 around the Community Cancer Prevention Project, Alberta Cancer Prevention Legacy Fund. Several community groups including the Elks, Lions, Library, Seniors, Village Council, School and local residents came together to focus on one common goal, to build a healthier community.

The community completed a local assessment and created a community asset map. Priorities were identified under UVR awareness and to increase play spaces in the community. The goal was for everyone to enjoy physical activities for free. 

On top of the AHS grant in the amount of $25,000, local community groups understood the importance of enhancing community spaces and contributed more money towards the project.

Using this video, the community applied for several other grants and have successfully raised over $250,000 to continue the work.

Past projects include a new playground at the school, shade structures and trees at both the school and the local park, and an outdoor exercise facility at the local park.

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