Food4Good is the food programming division of the Jasper Place Wellness Centre, a charity in west Edmonton focused on community development in 5 key areas: Housing, Employment, Education, Healthcare & Food.

Food4Good runs a range of programs in the Stony Plain Road area centred around growing, cooking, food access and education and advocacy. Some of our programs include community gardens, food skills workshops, collective kitchens, affordable produce markets, kid’s health education, and policy work around household food insecurity.

One significant challenge we face in delivering our programs is that we don’t have our own physical space. Instead, we use borrowed spaces including community leagues, church kitchens, and other non-profit organizations. This model has many limitations in terms of the frequency, reliability and capacity of our programs. 

To address this issue, we have partnered with a national organization called Community Food Centres Canada, to explore the creation of Edmonton’s first Community Food Centre (CFC). CFCs are dynamic, welcoming spaces that address a range of issues including food insecurity, poor health and social isolation through a mix of programs with food at their core. There are currently 8 CFCs across the country, including “The Alex” in Calgary which opened in 2016.   

Community Food Centres Canada has recently given us funding to conduct community consultation around what Edmontonians would like a CFC to offer, help with finding a building, and support to execute a fundraising plan to bring the CFC to life. We are very excited about this project and believe that a Community Food Centre would have a significant impact on the physical, social and mental health of our community. We would love to hear your ideas and thoughts around an Edmonton Community Food Centre.

 For more information visit Food4Good.

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