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Entwistle - Food Basket Program Fuel Students

Entwistle School program provides healthy snack options to all students

Through a grant from Alberta Health Services, the Thrive Wellness Committee in Evansburg contributed $1,000 towards the Entwistle School healthy snack program. The basket of fruit includes a variety of choices including bananas, apples, pears and oranges and is available for any student to take a free snack throughout the day.

Grade 9 students are tasked with selecting and purchasing the fruit at the local grocery store, they have a budget of 30$ a week to spend on fruit. There are 130 children at Entwistle school and it is estimated that 60 healthy snacks are consumed by the students throughout the week.

Entwistle school currently has no vending machines, snack shakes or cafeterias. Outside of a milk program, the occasional hot lunch and once a month Community Breakfast, the fruit basket remains the schools only daily food access provided by the school.

The fruit program is very successful. The fruit is consumed quickly, ensuring freshness and prompt turnover with almost no waste. The school greatly appreciates Thrive Wellness Committee’s generous donation.

The Plan

Entwistle - Food Basket Program Fuel Students

The Outcomes

Entwistle - Food Basket Program Fuel Students

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