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Fort Macleod – Walking path map

Starting in 2013, committed community members from Fort Macleod came together to form a multi-stakeholder group that focused on increasing physical activity and healthy eating.

There was a need expressed for an official walking path map to promote walking in Fort Macleod.  The committee worked together to take a look at different walking routes that could be promoted in Fort Macleod that were connected to history, playgrounds, circle the town and to already established trails along the river and wilderness parks.  We wanted to promote the existing trails and create a few other “in town” routes for residents and visitors to the town.  These walking routes help to promote the Town and all it has to offer.

We had our stumbling blocks with trying to create the maps but through partnership with the town and minimal seed funding we were able to create the maps.  They include length of the walk and points of interest along the way.

As a way to promote a kick off of the walking path maps, we did a kick off walk.  We had a volunteer from our group meet anyone interested at the start of one of our routes and walked it together.  To this day, there is a group of ladies that met on this kick off and continue to meet and walk together.  They enjoy the fresh air, friendship, socialization, and activity.

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