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Medicine Hat - Good Food Club

The Good Food Club is a buying club that obtains local produce and uses their buying power for wholesale pricing.

The Club offers low cost pricing and great produce (as much as possible) to over 200 members in the local area. It falls under the umbrella of the Community Food Connections Coalition, but is entirely volunteer run. The Good Food Club started in 2000.

The pick up of local produce occurs once per month at depots located throughout the City and neighboring communities. The number of depots flexes between 8 and 11, depending on the time of year.  Volunteers assist with filling and delivering boxes to the depots, as well as manning the stations. Payment can be made at the time of pick up, or at the Community Health Centre.

An exciting new development in the program is the option to order online, which allows Club members to select their basket size and pay online through a credit card or debit card using Paypal. This has addressed the barrier of transportation for those who cannot reasonably access an office for payment. It also allows members to purchase at the time that is affordable, rather than on a specific date. Payment in person is still available to members who choose that option.

In addition to obtaining produce, the Good Food Club also offers workshops on a variety of topics: canning and harvesting, fermenting, composting, and food preservation. In addition, teleconferences are available twice yearly and are open to anyone interested.

For more information check out:

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