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Cannabis became legal for 18+ in Alberta on October 17, 2018 but¹...

Cannabis is now legal in Canada. And although the laws have changed, the health risks and restrictions have not. With so much confusing information out there, AHS wants to clear the air and talk about what cannabis legalization means for you, the health risks that come with use, and what you can do to ensure you’re being safe if you choose to use.

And if you choose to use, choose lower-risk products, avoid mixing with alcohol, tobacco or other drugs, and do not use and drive.

  • Cannabis is much more potent product than it has been in past
  • Cannabis affects everyone in different ways. Use as little as you can and wait to see how you react.
  • If smoking cannabis, limit it to a couple of puffs and wait at least ten minutes to feel full effects
  • When eating/drinking cannabis it can take several hours to feel the full effect. Start with a small amount and wait for several hours before you take anymore.

¹ retrieved on 5-Nov-18 

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