Alberta Cancer Prevention Legacy Fund and Communities ChooseWell partnered once again to bring you the annual Alberta Healthy Community Symposium. The event was held in Edmonton on March 7-8, 2019 and focused on ‘Connecting Changemakers’.

Alberta Healthy Community Symposium Program Overview

We would like to thank all the presenters and participants for making this years symposium a great success!

Missed out? Please see the following links to the recorded presentations.

Indigenous Champions Gathering


A big thank you to everyone who was able to participate in our Indigenous Champions Gathering.  We were so fortunate to host 80 people in our Talking Circle on the morning of the symposium.  What an amazing group of people; the connection was felt throughout the circle and everyone was eager to share with each other and build new, collaborative relationships.  Four key areas of interest were clearly identified as we went around the circle: connection, helping to create change, learning from each other, and wanting to help our young people.  This is only the beginning of what we are taking away from the symposium.  We are on a new journey with the sprouting of a Community of Practice getting ready to leave the cocoon and take flight.

To evaluate the gathering, we all shared one word in the circle at the end of the morning about what we were taking away from the gathering.  We then asked our ACPLF evaluation team to create some themes based on these words and we have created a Word Cloud of these themes.  This was then put in the shape of a butterfly because there will be transformation as we move forward as a community of practice.



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