Digital Storytelling

Stories can be used to teach others and build connections. Using multimedia such as images, voice over and music, communities are creating compelling digital stories to share their sucess and pass on community learning.

Mike Lang, Digital Story Specialist, continues to work with Alberta Health Services to create meaningful stories that share patient and community experiences. Listening to the stories of patients and families can help to understand the impact of care provided, and the experiences of the people that AHS serves. 

Learn more about the AHCA through the following digital Stories:

Cheryl's Story - The Power of Working Together (2022)

Shana's Story - Through Their Eyes (2022)

Molly's Story - Relationships are the Greatest Asset (2022)

Christina's Story - Planers and Doers (2022)

Brad's Story - Finding Your People (2022)

Myrna's Story - When the Funding is Over (2022)

 Alberta Health Services, Alberta Cancer Prevention Legacy Fund, and the University of Calgary, Cumming School of Medicine partnered to co-create the following digital stories:

Banff Trail - Community Garden (2018)

Edmonton - Urban Roots (2018)

Fort Edmonton - Engaging Volunteers (2018)

Mirror - Community Playground (2018)

Sarcee Meadows Housing Co-Operative (2018)


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