Opportunities to network, learn and grow

National Collaborating Centre for Healthy Public Policy
The past year has shown that collaborating with municipalities remain utterly relevant both throughout the COVID-19 and to support recovery. Watch this recorded webinar to learn how municipalites work and to identify key steps for establishing and sustaining collaboration.

Imagine Institute for Learning 
Whether you are a social worker, educator, first responder, health practitioner, or community worker, our trainings provide the necessary catalyst to up your game and be the best version of yourself in practice. We all need extra tools in our toolbox and at Imagine, we specialize in translating research into practice using experiential activities and reflective practice to guide learning into a deeper understanding of the content. Upcoming sessions.

Alberta Mentoring Partnerships
Learn about the processes involved in evaluation and get practical application examples to help you put what you learned into practice.

MAP: Centre for Urban Health Solutions

This panel discussion with focus on how to appropriately engage people with lived experience in research and evaluation in order to be inclusive ave research with impact.

Healthy Eating in Recreation Settings eCourse
Developed by Communities Choosewell, Alberta Health Services, and the Alberta Policy Coalition for Chronic Disease Prevention, these 8 free modules provide resources, tools, and examples on how to make healthy changes in recreation facility food environments. Get started here.

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