Alberta Health Communities Action Guide 


Learn about the foundational principles and components of building a healthy community where you live, work, learn, play and age. The Action Guide breaks down the Alberta Healthy Community Approach into easy-to-follow steps, including actual success stories and practical tools to help you plan, implement and evaluate a community project.

Step 1: Engage and Create Connections

  • Appendix B: Terms of Reference

Step 2: Understand Your Community

Step 3: Prioritize and Plan

  • Appendix D: Community Brainstorming template
  • Appendix F: Community Action Plan Option 1
  • Appendix G: Community Action Plan Option 2
  • Appendix H: Community Action Plan Option 3
  • Appendix I: Community Action Plan Option 4

Step 4: Implement & Evaluate

  • Appendix T: Evaluation Plan Template

AHC Action Guide

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