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Cancer Screening: Communication and Awareness Campaigns


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Create communication and awareness campaigns to promote cancer screening

How to implement

  • Plan and implement community awareness campaigns to promote cancer screening.1-4
    • Make use of 'small media' strategies, such as videos, letters, brochures and newsletters.
    • Work with community health providers (e.g., primary care nurses, doctor’s offices, health units) to deliver messages.
    • Spread the word through a variety of settings (e.g., community and healthcare).4

High impactProvide culturally-appropriate campaigns to increase cancer screening in minority groups and ethnic communities.5, 6 

Alberta Health Services' Screening for Life website has a range of cancer screening resources (e.g., pamphlets, posters and decision-making guides) on different topic areas:

Example in action: The Canadian Cancer Society initiated the Get Screened campaign for members of the LGBTQ community. The campaign includes a health provider training model, videos and downloadable materials.

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