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Multi-component community-wide interventions

The health and wellbeing of communities is influenced by many factors, such as community design, social programs and supports, policies and the economy. We can better understand how these factors connect by implementing multi-component community-wide interventions.

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Click on the model categories to learn more. Accompanied with each category are general strategies for taking action in these areas within your community.


When our communities implement multi-component community-wide interventions, they are better able to strengthen four action areas: social, physical, economic and policy environments. These action areas are supported by community leadership and learning from experience. Together these areas create healthy places in the community at large, as well as within facilities and organizations, healthcare settings, schools and workplaces.

Although multi-component community-wide interventions are ideal, it is also important for communities to start where they are at! This may mean beginning with one strategy and then building on it as community capacity is developed.

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Remember, a comprehensive approach involves taking action across all categories and within all community settings.

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