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Foundational Strategies: Affordability


  • Economic environment,
  • Community,
  • Facilities & organizations,
  • Healthcare facilities,
  • Schools,
  • Workplace,

Increase the affordability of healthy living options

How to implement

  • Increase the affordability of healthy living options in the community.
    • Partner with community stakeholders, such as local government and businesses, to increase the affordability of healthy options in the community (e.g., healthy food in public buildings, options for local physical activity and access to mental wellness services).

Try this: Make physical activity and recreation opportunities more affordable for low-income families. Help increase access to healthy food in public buildings by reducing the cost of healthy foods compared to unhealthy foods in vending machines, cafeterias and concessions.

  • Support or implement public policies that: 
    • Address income as a key determinant of health (e.g., resources for healthy food, affordable housing and childcare).
    • Lower the appeal of harmful products (e.g., tobacco, alcohol, unhealthy foods). For example, mobilize community support for policies that increase the minimum price of alcohol or taxes on tobacco products.

Did you know: Taxes on unhealthy products are most effective when a significant portion of their revenue funds community initiatives aimed at promoting health and wellbeing (e.g., subsidize the cost of fruits and vegetables, access to recreation). 

Example in action: The Campaign for a Smoke-Free Alberta is a coalition of health organizations that protects kids from 'Big Tobacco' through strategies such as advocating for tobacco tax increases. Check out the coalition website to learn about current campaigns and ideas for community action.

See the Foundational Strategy, Adopt Healthy Public Policy, for additional policy information.

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