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Healthy Eating: Communication and Awareness Campaigns


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Create communication and awareness campaigns to support healthy eating


Community, facilities and organizations, healthcare facilities, schools, workplaces


  • Plan and implement communication campaigns, including public education and media campaigns, that educate the community and increase awareness about the importance of healthy eating.1-3
    • Use multiple communication platforms, including TV, radio, print, websites, social media and in-person promotional materials.1
    • Use consistent, clear and simple messaging.1
    • Sustain long-term campaigns as they are more effective than short-term campaigns.4
    • Tailor communication messages to specific target groups.5
    • Promote links between healthy eating and physical activity, positive self-esteem, healthy relationships with food, healthy attitudes towards body shape and the importance of using critical thinking skills when interpreting media messages.6
    • Consider including healthy eating information within wider community development or social marketing campaigns1 that promote community wellbeing.
  • Include an evaluation plan to assess your communication and awareness raising efforts.1, 4

Did you know: March is Nutrition Month. Each year during this month,  Dietitians of Canada hosts a national campaign on a nutrition-related topic, which provides you with access to information and resources on how to implement the campaign in your community.

When developing campaigns, use information and resources developed by a Registered Dietitian to help ensure that accurate, reliable nutrition information is provided to your community. To get going, check out Alberta Health Services' resources on healthy eating.

Did you know: Public Health Ontario has developed a 12-step process for initiating a communication campaign. The process takes you through the initial stages of project management and the development of a health promotion strategy to audience analysis, message development and implementation and evaluation.

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