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Mental Health: Community Spaces


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Design community spaces to promote mental health

How to implement

  • Design community spaces to promote the comfort and wellbeing of all members.1

Try this: To enhance mental health in indoor and outdoor spaces, consider how changes can be made to lighting, temperature, nature (e.g., planting trees, greenery), color and art.

Simon Fraser University developed a guide on enhancing wellbeing through physical spaces

Did you know: Changing the physical environment for individuals experiencing mental illness may require re-location to another area (e.g., moving to another neighbourhood to reduce emotional triggers that encourage substance misuse or lead to emotional distress) and/or modifying current living arrangements (e.g., making changes to one’s current home, such as removing emotionally distressing items).1

  1. National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE). Mental health problems in people with learning disabilities: Prevention, assessment and management. NICE guideline. London (UK): NICE; 2016. Available from:


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