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Mental Health: Peer Support Programs


  • Mental health,
  • Social environment,
  • Community,
  • Facilities & organizations,
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Provide peer support programs

How to implement

  • Enhance the capacity of peer support programs for people with mental illnesses and/or addiction in the community1 by:
    • Clearly defining peer support roles and responsibilities.1
    • Increasing the number of peer support workers.1
    • Continuously educating peer support workers.1
    • For more information, see the sub-strategy: Mental health: inclusive programs

Example in action: The Canadian Mental Health Association of Calgary provides 70 hours of free training, 50 hours of paid internship and employment opportunities for those interested in becoming a peer support worker and sharing their story of recovery.

  1. Minister of Health and Long-Term Care Advisory Group. Respect, recovery, resilience: Recommendations for Ontario's mental health and addictions strategy. Toronto (ON): Minister's Advisory Group; 2010. Available from:
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