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UV Protection: Target At-Risk Groups


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High-impact: target at-risk groups with sun safety information

How to implement

High impactCreate campaign messages for at-risk groups about daily sun exposure and ways to stay safe in the sun. These campaigns should address common misconceptions and emphasize how the risks and benefits are different among individuals.1, 2 

  • Groups at-risk of adverse UV exposure effects include:
    • Children (particularly babies) and young people.2-4
    • People who tend to burn rather than tan.2-4
    • People with lighter skin, fair or red hair, blue or green eyes or those who tend to freckle.2-4
    • People with lots of moles.2-4
    • People who are immunosuppressed.2
    • People with a personal or family history of skin cancer.2
    • People who spend a lot of time in the sun (e.g., outdoor hobbies).2
    • People with intermittent but high exposure to sunlight (e.g., sunbathers).2
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