The Alberta Healthy Communities Hub is designed to help you connect, share, learn about and take action on building healthier communities.

Here's how the Hub is organized

About healthy communities sets the stage for understanding the foundations for healthy communities, what determines health, and how chronic diseases and cancer can be prevented.

Build a healthy community helps get you started - from understanding the approach, to creating community connections, gathering local data to putting all the pieces into a workable whole and assessing the results.

Get inspired uncovers ideas and stories of what others are doing and provides an opportunity for you to share your unique experiences as well.

Take action provides more information on healthy environments and settings and includes in-depth strategies for community action in focused areas, such as healthy eating, physical activity and UV protection.

Resources include a bounty of tools, resources, funding, learning opportunities and organizations available to support planning, implementation and evaluation.

The Hub:

  • provides a place for communities to network, share evidence-based information, resources, and community experiences.
  • offers insights into the ways that healthy environments help shape healthy lifestyles and prevent chronic disease.
  • provides a place for programs and organizations that are supporting communities and community health to share the great work they are doing, the resources they have developed and the opportunities that become available.
  • inspires action within a community!

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