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Locally relevant, up-to-date information to help communities identify health needs.

Local data can help your community set priorities, make evidenced-informed decisions, plan better programs and create a bigger impact. We’ve made it easier for you to find and use comprehensive and interactive information that will help you launch new initiatives, obtain grant-funding and identify health needs in your community.

  • Homepage: Get to know your community with statistics on socio-demographics and cancer outcomes associated with modifiable risk factors.
  • Rick Factors: Enter your postal code to map modifiable risk factor data for your community and see how your community compares to the Alberta average.
  • Screening and Immunization: Enter your postal code to map cancer screening and cancer-related immunization data for your community.
  • Compare Communities: Compare communities in Alberta by cancer-related risk factors, screening, chronic disease and socio-demographics.
  • Advanced Page I: Make comparisons at the community, zone and provincial level by health status and social determinants of health.
  • Advanced Page II: Determine the overall ranking of your community within Alberta according to cancer related risk factors and screening.
  • Health Equity: Visit our new health equity page to learn more about how social conditions impact your health. Health equity means that all people have the opportunity to reach their full health potential and are not disadvantaged due to social, economic, and environmental factors.
  • Alberta Geography: Visit our geography page to learn more about how health related data is mapped in Alberta.

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Community Prevention & Screening Dashboard