Alcohol Reduction – Community Strategies

Alcohol use increases the risk of many health problems including some types of cancer. In 2015, about 280 new cancer cases diagnosed in Alberta were linked to this risk factor.1

The good news is that communities can help reduce alcohol use! 

The strategies listed below offer some ideas to guide activities to reduce or eliminate alcohol use in your community. To make the greatest impact, it is best to implement more than one strategy.  Activities that work to change the social, physical, and economic aspects of a community, as well as local policies will have the best results.  It is important to start where you are at. This may mean starting with one area of change and then building on it in other areas over time.

Ways to take action

All of the strategies below are based on current research, have been tested and shown to work. See the methods section for more information on how these strategies were developed.

Increasing the price of alcohol can reduce how much people drink.

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Awareness and education campaigns can shed light on alcohol related harms.

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Limiting the sale of alcohol can reduce alcohol-related harms.

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