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We are collecting stories on how communities are creating healthy places and spaces.

Communities around Alberta are working together to create spaces and places that encourage healthy living. We want to inspire action by sharing what other communities have achieved. We are collecting stories of initiatives that focus on building healthy, resilient and thriving communities around the province. 

How to write your story:
  • What is the story about?  
  • Who is involved in this initiative? 
  • What are/were the goals of the project?  
  • Who is your target audience? 
  • What happened? 
  • Did the group have to overcome any barriers? 
  • Were there any unexpected outcomes? 
  • What made it successful? 
  • Identify any lessons learned 
  • How is your initiative making a difference? 

Do you have a story or resource to share?

Submit your story online and a team member will review and/ or follow up with you if more information is needed. 

Thank you for considering contributing your success story to the Alberta Healthy Communities Hub. 

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