Reducing the Impact of Financial Strain

Did you know that income is one of the most important factors that can influence health? Financial strain can be described as economic pressure that may cause stress and subsequently harm health. Insufficient income is one of the most powerful factors impacting health. It is linked to higher rates of cancer, chronic disease, and higher healthcare utilization. Anyone can have difficulty making ends meet at any time in their life.

Reducing the Impact of Financial Strain (RIFS): A Population and Public Health Partnership with Primary Care to Reduce the Risk of Cancer and Chronic Disease project is a groundbreaking collaboration that supports primary care screening for, and responds to, financial concerns of patients.

RIFS aims to strengthen connections between community members and organizations, including primary care teams. Together, partners collaboratively design local solutions to support health by addressing financial concerns in a sensitive, compassionate and sustainable way. While the community looks at improving identified supports, Primary Care teams identify and support patients with financial concerns and help them access appropriate community supports.

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In what ways can we promote financial well-being in Alberta? To inspire action in your community explore stories, tips, and evidence-based strategies using the following toolkit:


Stories can be data with a soul. Explore stories about the impact of financial strain on health and what teams are doing to reduce the impact. Stories can be used to start important conversations with your team about the impact of financial strain and ideas to address this complex issue:


Reducing the Impact of Financial Strain