About the Hub

The Alberta Healthy Communities Hub is designed to bring together communities by providing a place to connect, access tools as well as provide examples of successful initiatives and community success stories. The Hub is a collaborative resource built to support the growth of healthy communities with local wisdom, guidance and talent. It is designed to provide an opportunity to connect, collaborate and enhance knowledge and skills along the journey of creating places where we all want to live, work, play and thrive.

Why a Healthy Communities Hub?

Alberta Health Services has a long history of healthy community work, dating back to the early 1990’s. Through our work across Alberta, communities and partners have identified the need to stay connected, to access resources and to learn from others. With this need in mind, the vision to create an online healthy communities hub for community cancer prevention and broader health promotion emerged.

The community team with Cancer Prevention and Screening Innovation (CPSI) at Alberta Health Services carried out research and engagement activities to gather more information about what was needed. With guidance from communities, partners and AHS teams the Alberta Healthy Communities Hub was developed and launched in 2017. Over the following years, the Hub has undergone numerous improvements and enhancements to continue sharing knowledge and inspiring action.

The Hub will continue to grow and evolve to meet the needs of communities and partners. As AHS deepens connections to communities, the Hub will continue to expand to include more AHS teams who will bring specific content expertise, tools and resources. Stay tuned for new teams coming online.

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About Us

Cancer Prevention and Screening Innovation (CPSI) is a team within Provincial Population Public Health at Alberta Health Services. The CPSI team is committed to an Alberta where most cancers are prevented and where our innovations are having an impact. We are a team of health promotion facilitators and coordinators, researchers and evaluators who work alongside individuals, communities, workplaces, health care partners to create healthy places and spaces. We work to provide a link between research, best practices, and the implementation of innovative strategies


Contact Us

To get in touch or learn more, contact us at healthy.communities@ahs.ca