The Alberta Healthy Communities Hub is a part of the broader Alberta Healthy Communities Approach currently being piloted in communities throughout Alberta.

The Hub was developed by the community team, Alberta Cancer Prevention Legacy Fund (ACPLF), Alberta Health Services, alongside partners provincially and nationally.

Comprised of scientists, research and evaluation specialists plus health promotion facilitators the community team links research, promising practices, and the implementation of innovative strategies to prevent chronic disease, including cancer. Our goal is to empower communities to build upon their strengths for effective community action. Funding for our work is provided by the Alberta Cancer Prevention Legacy Fund.

The Alberta Cancer Prevention Legacy Act was created in 2006 by the province of Alberta to support and encourage cancer prevention initiatives, including research, education, public policy development and social marketing.  Alberta Health provides strategic guidance and allocates resources to deliver this mandate.

ACPLF is working to improve the health of all people of Alberta through leadership, collaboration and community development to address the common risk factors and health inequities that contribute to chronic disease. Our commitment is to an Alberta where most cancer is prevented.

Why was the Hub developed?

Across the province, our team discovered a need among communities to access resources and link with others. Lack of available information and relevant resources, and the inability to connect on like-minded activities has been a deterrent for community action and the impetus for Hub development.

To better understand our communities’ needs, two main streams of inquiry were carried out. The first, to guide project planning and second to identify the needs and gaps that the Hub would serve. We wanted to better understand the benefits and barriers of networks and coalitions, as well as determine the availability of community and health promotion resources.

Results of key informant interviews, a literature review, and stakeholder engagement (2014-2015) provided the necessary information and direction for developing an interactive web-based platform –a virtual place for communities to network and share resources for building supportive community environments’.

A series of Gathering Perspectives sessions held throughout the province in 2016 further identified communities’ desired content –our second research stream. Community champions, community builders and community members-at-large told us they wanted an online platform that would evolve, is user-friendly, and interactive! Populated with current evidence-based information, resources, and tools. And offering quality and sustainable user experience necessary for creating healthy communities over the long run.

For more information on our background research and final report:

Hub background researchGathering Perspectives Report

Prevention of chronic disease and cancer is the responsibility of everyone and requires a whole-of-community approach that is informed through evidence, best practice and public engagement. The Healthy Communities Approach helps do just that. It is hoped that the Alberta Healthy Communities Hub will grow and evolve to meet the needs of communities across the province.

Contact us

If you have a current program, community success story or community-based resource to share, or would like more information on the Alberta Healthy Communities Hub please contact us.

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