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Communities in Action: Crossfield (II)

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Celebrating achievements along the way helps community teams maintain momentum. Crossfield Wellness Network (CWN) recently reviewed their Alberta Healthy Communities Initiative journey and wanted to remind their community of their hard work. Re-engaging the community resulted in new success stories and an increase in activity participation.

Crossfield Wellness Network (CWN) printed 4000 resource cards, outlining locally available resources, with a strong focus on mental health services. The resources have been distributed at schools, the town office, the farmers market and other events, hoping to spark new conversations.

Often during these conversations, spin-offs (or unintended success stories) are identified. For example, when members were reminded of the resource cards, the FCSS coordinator shared a story about a paramedic. This community service worker saw the resource cards at another location and after seeing the value in them, he requested extra cards to keep in his ambulance to distribute when needed. He said these resources are extremely helpful to those looking for help.

CWN also created a social inclusion video series, highlighting locally available resources. One of the videos focused on the Golden Key club, a senior’s club that encourages social connection and provides activities and resources. Since the video has been shared, membership of the club has increased significantly.

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