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Communities in Action: Vermillion & Area

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Workplace wellness is a priorirty for Vermillion and Area

Vermilion is a thriving community east of Edmonton. It is home to the Vermilion Wellness Coalition who work together to promote mental health and addictions supports in the area. Team members engage in multiple projects throughout the year, completing tasks and fulfilling roles which are necessary for success. The members are community champions, serving in many different capacities, who implement community-based action plans that focus on relationship building, active living and creating no-cost activities for area residents. The coalition has received funding from Alberta Blue Cross to enhance a frisbee golf course, which encourages physical activity and social connections. They also actively support a local Rural Mental Health Animator and collectively work to strengthen community capacity for better mental health.

Annually, team members and community partners listen carefully to the community voice, to learn of local challenges and opportunities. They then work together to address these needs. This year, the annual conference committee is focused on strengthening workplaces and supporting individuals to build connections and improve work-life balance. The Vermilion Mental Health and Wellness Symposium will take place in January 2024 it will promote mental wellbeing, sense of belonging and appreciation in the workplace. Participants will learn practical skills they can use in everyday life.

Learn more here: Mental Health & Wellness Symposium 2024 (

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