Let us help you evaluate the impact of your healthy community initiatives.


You are on your way! Your community has developed a health promotion initiative and now you would like to understand the success levels of the initiative and build on the momentum. By doing so, you will identify any obstacles or stumbling blocks and know what areas showed the greatest impact.

Welcome to the Healthy Community Evaluation Toolkit!

This toolkit aims to support organizations in conducting evaluations, enabling them to continuously improve their initiatives and achieve positive health outcomes in their communities. It provides valuable resources and guidance to help assess the outcomes and impacts of initiatives. The focus areas for this tool include: physical activity, healthy eating, and more!

Key Features of the Healthy Community Evaluation Toolkit:

  1. Decision Tree: As part of the toolkit, we have developed a decision tree to help you determine the most appropriate evaluation methods, assessment tools and data collection methods for your specific community health promotion initiative.
  2. Assessment Templates: Our toolkit offers survey and observational assessment templates that are tailored to different types of community health promotion initiatives. These templates are designed to capture essential data, measure key indicators and serve as a helpful starting point for conducting evaluations.
  3. Survey Question Bank: To encourage feedback from community members, we have developed a comprehensive survey question bank. It provides a variety of questions that can be included in your surveys. These questions are aligned with best practices in gathering insightful and meaningful feedback.

We invite you to explore the toolkit and take advantage of the valuable resources it offers. We hope you find the support that you need as  you work to improve and sustain your initiative!

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Other "Hands On" Ways to Collect Feedback

Surveys aren't the only way to gather information on a health promotion initiative. Depending on your audience and the setting for the meeting, you may want to try one of the following to engage community members:

Ask participants to write their answers to a question on a sticky note. Have them place their sticky note where they think it belongs on a drawing/chart.

Bead in a bucket: Give attendees a bead and ask them to place in the "yes" bucket if they plan to use the new or improved infrstructure or participate in the program. If they aren't, ask them to place it in the "no" bucket. 

Sharing circle ideas: Set up small groups for participants to share thoughts and/or one word that describes what you would like to understand with a recorder to capture the discussion.

Photos/digital stories: Ask participants to submit photos or videos of events of infrastructure to explain their experiences.

Count and record the number of attendance on a tally sheet.