Community Stories:

Brooks - Recreation Pass Loan Program


The Brooks and District Drug Task Force wanted to break down barriers to encourage families to play together more.

They teamed up with the City of Brooks and the Brooks Public Library to offer a FREE Family Recreation Pass. Families that play together...stay together. Quality family time spent together creates positive, trusting and caring relationships within the family.

They decided to purchase a Family Recreation Pass and place it in the library for families to sign out, just like they would a book or DVD. When they sign out the Recreation Pass they get inclusive access to all activities at the City of Brooks Recreation Center for 1 week.

This has become a popular program and there is always a waiting list for the pass. What makes it successful is that it breaks down the cost barrier to families, it is at a central location for ease of access and there isn't a lengthy process to sign it out.

There was such a demand to borrow the pass that the City's Recreation and Parks board decided to add a youth, senior and another family pass to the program and to have them available at rural libraries. They plan to have more passes available in schools and senior centers in the future.

"This program is making a huge difference in our community. Getting people active and coming together as a family is what makes a HEALTHY COMMUNITY!"

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