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Cold Lake - Playground Passport

Playground Passports are a fun way to encourage families to be active by exploring their own community.

The Plan

The Cold Lake and District FCSS, Alberta Health Services and the 4 Wing Cold Lake Base are partnering to promote health and physical activity through a “Playground Passport” in their community. The purpose of the passport is to have community members and families discover and explore parks throughout the City of Cold Lake. Passports encourage children to seek answers to questions related to each specific park.

The team is also working together on a pilot project in partnership with the Alberta Cancer Prevention Legacy Fund, Alberta Health Services. The goal is to work collaboratively towards creating a community environment that supports healthy lifestyle choices and cancer prevention. Based on their community cancer prevention knowledge from this work, the team contributed to the passport by adding simple questions that would increase knowledge about community cancer prevention environments.  Some examples were:

  • Are there shade structures available at the park? (UV reduction awareness)
  • Can you find any no-smoking signage at the park? (Promoting tobacco reduction)

Healthy eating options and awareness of new community greenhouses locations were also added. This initiative was a creative way to build awareness within the community at large on community cancer prevention supportive environments and healthy lifestyle choices. 

The Outcomes

The Playground Passport event runs throughout the summer months and is geared towards children under 10. Children are encouraged to visit a minimum of 4 of the sites listed on the passport. They are asked to provide the answers to the questions listed on the passport. The completed passports are then submitted to be eligible for a prize.

Park Passport

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