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Eckville - Our Mind, Our Health, Our Community

The Eckville and Area Wellness coalition aims to promote a culture of social, physical, spiritual, intellectual, environmental, occupational & emotional well-being for Eckville and area residents.

The coalition has 4 main goals:

  • Organize and support activities that encourage well-being
  • Provide information and connections within the community to assist individuals in creating a supportive network to help them reach their wellness goal
  • Encourage those in the community to provide suggestions and feedback on future wellness programs and activities
  • Create a space within the community to discuss wellness and reduce stigma

The Plan

In 2018 the coalition hosted “Cannabis Let’s Talk” to educate the community on the new cannabis legislation and to listen to community concerns. Soon after another workshop called “Mental Well-Being in the community” took place to build the capacity of coalition members and community stakeholders around how to support mental wellness. Members have also hosted student lunch and learns at the junior high and high school.

The team has noted that people are reluctant to talk about any aspect of mental health or attend sessions. Over time they have learned that using positive terminology and sharing resources can make a difference in participation. The coalition has invested in sending team members to training sessions to help grow capacity around positive mental wellness.

The Outcomes

The coalition has successfully created a safe space to talk about mental health, by building capacity of team members and supporting people in our community talk about mental health.  They tracked results through surveys, poster contests, and focus group conversations.

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