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Edson - Block Party Trailer

Block parties are an opportunity to connect with neighbors and have fun!

Edson was chosen as one of the 16 Rural Pilot Communities in an applied research project for Alberta Healthy Communities Approach. Edson Healthier Together is the Community Action team that was created to develop strategies for priority areas identified following a community assessment.   Edson Healthier Together is focusing on community initiatives that promote community belonging, and creating community connections for a Healthier Edson. 


Block parties were suggested as an easy way to encourage social interactions, so the team decided to invest in a block party supply trailer for public use.

Funding from the Alberta Healthy Communities Initiative Grant along with Edson Community Services contributions allowed for the group to purchase a small trailer that is available to rent out for Block Party program events. Artwork was also installed on the trailer to bring attention to it. The trailer is slowly being pieced together, as the inside needs framing work and storage. The trailer will be fully complete and ready for its first Block Party use in the spring of 2019. 


The trailer will include 2 10x10’ pop-up tents, 10 folding chairs, 2 plastic tables, a fire extinguisher, a first aid kit, cleansing wipes and instructions for the care of the trailer and tips for hosting a Block Party.


Image description: a white trailer with leaves and snowflakes drawing on it and a large green sign that reads Block Party

Giant checkers, pick up sticks, mega card game and dominos, hula hoops, an assortment of sport balls and Frisbees, a ball pump are all included to encourage physical activity and social connection through games and play.


Any community member can fill out a request form to access the trailers and supplies. The trailer is free to rent for the duration of the Block Party. Town Park’s staff has agreed to deliver and retrieve the trailer as well as lock it in place. A tire boot has been ordered and a chain to lock the trailer to a permanent object such as a post or tree to ensure that it stays put when staying in a public area such as a park overnight.


We are hoping to continue building this project and are excited to see the use it will get and joy it will bring to the community! Very grateful for Healthier Edson’s partnership!

Block Parties Rock!

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