Community Stories:

Hinton - Bike Park

Communities across Alberta are getting creative and making unique and engaging bike paths and trails for community use.

Hinton, a small town in west-central Alberta has created an amazing mountain bike skills park that is fun, safe, free of charge, and accessible for all abilities and ages, thereby facilitating the promotion of skills development, active lifestyles and mountain culture.  

The Plan

The first of its kind in the Yellowhead region, the outdoor facility designed for everyone from toddlers on balance bikes to expert mountain bike adventurers, these well marked trails offer a hub of activity. There is a skills park, jumps of varying difficulty, wooden ramps and endless dirt trails for families to enjoy. 

The Bike Park was made possible by the Hinton Mountain Bike Association (HMBA) and the Town of Hinton

The Outcomes

The bike park is a popular destination spot for families seeking out an afternoon adventure. Investing in spaces that are appealing and fun for all ages is a simple way to get people outdoors and active. Increasing physical activity leads to improved health and overall wellness. Bringing people together is a sure way to build a sense of community.  

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