Evaluation Toolkit

Activity, Program or Project: Ongoing

For on-going individual services

We suggest a survey to understand change in Awareness and Behaviour. 

The Microsoft Word template provided below has pre-populated questions that measure Awareness and Behaviour.  Use these as the starting point for your survey. Edit these questions to create a custom survey that suits your initiative and/or add additional questions. 

Evaluating participants' awareness supports an understanding of available services in the community related to health and wellbeing. It also helps identify areas to focus educational efforts.

Moreover, measuring participants' behaviour may determine if initiatives are making a difference by encouraging individuals to adopt healthier behaviours. This is crucial, as behaviour change is a key factor in promoting long-term health and wellbeing. Gathering this information can create more supportive environments and develop strategies to facilitate long-term behavioural change.

For Online Surveys

Our surveys are meant primarily to be printed for in-person sessions. If you are planning to deliver them online, you can use our surveys as an easy way to map out your online version.

The goal of the toolkit is to provide users with a structured set of questions. These questions can easily be used in the online survey tool of your choice. This will save time by having all the questions built out beforehand.

For more help in converting the Microsoft Word template to an online survey, click here. 

Need Additional Help?

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