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Medicine Hat - Share the Harvest Picking Program

The ‘Share the Harvest Picking Program’ is a gleaning project recently launched in the Medicine Hat area.

The philosophy around gleaning is not new, it has been recorded for centuries as a method of either sharing excess produce, or leaving produce in the field for the use of those who have none. "Gleaning Projects" are community building volunteer programs that aim to reduce the amount of food waste by providing more fresh food to those in need.

In Medicine Hat, the Community Food Connections Coordinator found that many local people were reporting an abundance of produce, particularly fruit trees and bushes. To address this, and the desire for others who wanted produce to connect, a website is available (free of charge) that allows anyone to register and upload information regarding what produce is available, what is needed for picking (ie. ladders, buckets) and how to contact the owner. For families seeking produce, they can also register and search their local area for produce.

The website is open to any community and can be found here.

This project can be easily replicated in other communities!

Check out Community Food Connections 

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