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Pincher Creek - Bike Rack Project

Pincher Creek Wellness Committee wanted to create supportive environments for physical activity. Pincher Creek is a walkable and bikeable community however residents noticed a lack of bike racks available for community use. Having access to bike racks that are in visible areas at multiple locations can encourage bikers to participate in active transportation.

The Plan

An action plan was put in place to engage The Town of Pincher Creek to support this initiative. The Town was supportive and provide guidance when doing a background check on bylaws, liabilities, development permits, and codes for proper installation.

Commitment was also made from the Town to install the racks. Locations around the Town were identified at the library, the newly installed splash park, and the town office.

Pincher Creek Wellness Committee members then reached out to Matthew Halton School, asking the shop class teacher and students to design and build racks for community use. The Teacher and students jumped on board, got creative, and built 3 unique racks to be installed around the Town.

The Outcomes

By providing bike racks, the collective goal was to increase the promotion of biking and active transportation in Pincher Creek.

The shop teacher also reported that he noticed an increase in student motivation as the youth were engaged and excited about the class project. The students very proud of the end result and enjoyed the media coverage and positive response from the community.

With more conversations about accessibility to bike racks and the benefits of active travel, awareness of the importance of healthy choices continues to grow in Pincher Creek!

This rack will be placed in front of the new Spray Park and will be painted bright colors!


"We had an old ugly rack sitting upfront which with all my years working here have never seen a bike in it.  Since we have had the "Bike" it is used every day (except rainy day), we have noticed an increase of bikes between there and the library rack which is always full is so awesome, give and you shall receive I say and we have.  We are always getting comments on them and asked who made them"

~ Community Member

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