Community Stories:

Pincher Creek – Portable UV tent rental system

Pincher Creek Wellness Committee came together through a pilot project under Alberta Prevents Cancer. 

Members come from various sectors of the community and work together to foster and grow a healthy community.  After going through an assessment of different sectors, analyzing the results, prioritizing and action planning, the group decided to focus on a “quick win” as their first action.

In the summer of 2016, the group undertook a project to purchase 2, 10x20 ft. portable shade tents with a UV message posted on the top.  We created a rental system that is housed out of the Community Services Department in the Town of Pincher Creek.  The tents are free for community organization use (a refundable deposit is required) to help reduce UV exposure risk in their community.

The tent was loaned out to 12 different events starting late in June to September of 2016 and is already booked for every weekend over the summer of 2017.

The tents were used at sporting and community events.  One nice tie in was when the Football club used it at a cancer fundraiser during their tournament. The majority of events it was used for were youth related. The feedback from community groups is that they are easy to assemble.

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