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Cannabis is legal in Canada as of October 17, 2018. How will the new cannabis legislation affect communities?
The Cannabis Act creates a legal and regulatory framework for controlling the production, distribution, sale and possession of cannabis in Canada. The implementation of the new law will be a shared responsibility between the federal, provincial and municipal governments.
The following are some key points communities should know:
  • In Alberta, only those who are 18+ can purchase or consume cannabis, the same as alcohol and tobacco.
  • To protect children and limit second-hand exposure, public smoking or vaping of cannabis is prohibited in the same places tobacco is restricted, as well as on any hospital property, school property or child care facility property, in or within a prescribed distance from playgrounds, sports or playing fields, skateboard or bicycle parks, outdoor theatres and outdoor pools or splash pads
  • No cannabis use is allowed in vehicles even by passengers. Like alcohol, cannabis must be secured away from drivers or passengers. Alberta has developed additional laws including zero tolerance for drivers on graduated licences.
  • Adults can grow up to 4 plants per household from seeds bought from licensed cannabis retailers.
  • Renters, condo-dwellers and those who live in multi-family dwellings may not be allowed to grow cannabis in their homes based on rules in rental agreements or condominium bylaws.
  • Cannabis is grown by licensed producers across Canada according to quality and safety standards established by the Federal Government. It is sold in Alberta at privately owned Cannabis retail outlets. The province has set some restrictions on where cannabis stores can be located, the detailed rules are set by your local Municipal Government.
Helpful Resources for condo owners, renters and landlords:
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Cannabis Legalization in Alberta Municipalities
Local laws may vary so know the Municipal bylaws in your community when considering where to consume. See here for more information on municipalities role in shaping how cannabis will be sold and consumed within their communities.
Cannabis in Alberta
Know the rules and other resources
Cannabis Let’s Talk Documents (A Guide to Nurturing Community Dialogue)
Communities often find it difficult to address issues around which there is divergent opinion and contested evidence. Addressing such complex issues as drug use, overdose prevention or drug policy requires that we come together as a community and build understanding between ourselves.