Physical literacy is defined as having the motivation, confidence, physical competence, knowledge and understanding to value and take responsibility for engagement in physical activities for life.1

1. source: The International Physical Literacy Association, May 2014

In 2018, Pincher Creek Municipal and District Library in partnership with Pincher Creek Wellness Committee (PCWC) and the Town of Pincher Creek worked together to create “Big Fun” resources available for public use. The library strives to show the community they are not just about books by attending many events and engaging participants in yoga, snowshoeing, and now “big fun” with new physical literacy kits!

At a PCWC meeting, the Pincher Creek library outreach coordinator shared information about the Chinook Arch Library physical literacy kits that are used to engage community in activities that involve getting active. The kits are made up of oversized games, hop scotch, hula hoops and parachutes. The PCWC loved the idea and decided to invest in developing similar kits for their own community. Giant lego, oversized bowling and checker sets, including large Jenga blocks and a puppet theatre were purchased.

The physical literacy kits are a way to engage those group and individuals who are not regular library patrons. It is also an opportunity to see what the library is all about in a playful way. The kits have been hugely successful are now in demand. New community partners have reached out to use them as well. The Library has also been invited to participate at new events including Day at the Creek, Alberta Parks Day at Beauvais Lake and the Children’s Festival.

As a result of these kits, the library has seen an increase in school aged children coming to the library. By having a presence at local events the library doubled their numbers attending summer programs. The kits have made the outreach library coordinator’s job easier as she now has a meaningful tool that helps her connect with the community while at the same time raising the profile of Pincher Creek in the larger library world!

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