Foundational Community Strategies

Foundational strategies are evidence-based actions that are common across focus areas. They were developed by identifying themes across the evidence, making them tried and true recommendations for promoting healthy living in your community.

The foundational strategies are helpful to review if you are just starting out and are unsure of what focus area to work on or if you are planning an initiative that spans multiple focus areas. They also provide helpful reminders and tips to keep in mind as you begin the process of change in your community, regardless of community issue. 

These foundational strategies have been organized into four action areas: the social environment, the physical environment, the economic environment and the policy environment. These action areas are supported by community leadership and learning from experience.

Ways to Take Action

Social Environment

Changing the social environment is about encouraging healthy choices and behaviours through public awareness campaigns and community programs.

Physical Environment

Changing the physical environment is about encouraging healthy choices by making them easier and safer through structural improvements, such as walking and cycling paths or shade structures in parks and playgrounds.

Economic Environment

Changing the economic environment is about adopting economic incentives that support healthy behaviours and discourage unhealthy ones (e.g., higher prices for tobacco products and lower prices for healthy foods).

Policy Environment

Policy change is about creating and enhancing procedures, protocols, rules, regulations and/or laws that support health and wellness in the social, physical and economic environments, such as healthy food and beverage policies in public facilities and increased taxes on tobacco and alcohol products.

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